Sunday, February 12, 2012

Basement beginnings

Oh the things that go down in basements, treasures I tell you! I decided to go ahead and plant the remaining seeds that I have from the past two years, so this was the first weekend to think about starting my cool season crops. I am fully aware that seed does stay good for much more than 2-3 years so it's now or never for most of it. Although I haven't had the greatest luck with my own seedlings the past two years, I still end up saving a ton of money by starting my own seeds so I decided to go for it again. As I ventured down to the basement to set up my system of grow lights and warming pads I had to do a bit of organizing first. Although last year's growing season was the worst ever we still manage to have a stockpile of canned goods. Basically, in the event of a natural disaster we are going to survive on disgusting looking plums, pears of all forms, pickled products, and some salsa. It could be interesting eating. 

But onward with the anticipation of a GREAT growing season this year. Seriously, if I don't get any tomatoes this year I will be moving somewhere where it's not 100 degrees 24/7 for two months in a row. Please dear Lord provide just enough heat but not too much!

I started seed for cabbage, brussel sprouts, and lettuce! The beginnings of my garden season, so exciting!

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