Monday, February 13, 2012

Crafty Creations

I have really enjoyed the greatness of pinterest and the ability to "pin" projects, ideas, recipes, etc. all in the same place for easy and convenient viewing at another time. I recently took the time to actually complete some of my pin project ideas. So exciting!

While out at the farm, I found my mother's collection of antique graters that were stuck in hiding. Absolutely love my new organized method of storing my earrings! So handy.

Additionally I was able to recycle some old t-shirt pieces that I kept from the t-shirt quilt that I made. I knew they could be used for something else and I decided to tackle the 5-braid headband. I almost felt like I was braiding dough for our 5 braid pretty bread loaf in the bakery. Almost.

I think that some of my lady friends are going to make more tomorrow when we gather and celebrate being beautiful independent singles ladies. Good thing I have a plethora of t-shirts to cut up!

But basically cut into five strips about double the circumference of your head. Then sew those together.

Get your five braid action going. Sew it together at the end and connect your ends. Make sure it's smaller than your head, but quite a bit because it stretches. I think my first band is too big. I'll make the next one smaller.

Love it!


  1. Oooh! I like your headband a lot! It looks so cute with your hair!

  2. headband is cool, yes. i think the grater is a great invention.