Thursday, February 2, 2012

Waiting for kraut

Earlier this week I got upset because I could not get into the home preserved jar of sauerkraut. I went to the fridge, took the jar out, and realized why it was still in there. Because I couldn't open the freakin jar. It was super frustrating to be unable to budge the metal clamp that keeps the glass lid on. I literally thought I was going to break my fingers trying to pry it off. So yesterday when I was at the farm I enlisted the help of my father and I finally got into the jar of sauerkraut! It was so worth the effort and wait.

I ate sauerkraut for breakfast this morning. I added it to my potatoes and onions for a nice addition to my morning eggs. Wonderful. Lately I've been loving my turmeric and paprika spices on my breakfast skillet so that is why my picture is quite yellow. A nice thick piece of raw cheddar goes on top for a fine breakfast feast!

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