Saturday, February 11, 2012

Super Stew

I was super excited to try my very first package of grass-fed beef sausage. It went into this amazing pot of Sweet Potato Lentil Stew. 

Start with one onion and 1 lb sausage. Brown.
Add one small can mushrooms and one large sweet potato.
Add a can of crushed tomatoes and 1 cup lentils to the mix.
Add about 8 cups of chicken/veggie broth to the pot. Bring to a boil.
Then simmer for 15 minutes until lentils are cooked and potatoes tender.
Don't forget 2t. cumin, 1t. paprika, 1/2t. garlic pwd, 1/2t. pepper,
1/2t. chili pwd & 1/2t. rosemary

Add about 3 cups of chopped kale or other green and let sit for 5 min.

Lookin' good!

Oh so tasty on this cold winter day!


  1. Please tell us why you allowed the chopped kale to sit for 5 minutes. Does the hot soup soften the kale, making it easier to chew? Thank you!

    1. Yes. You want to allow the kale to soften a bit, but you don't really need to cook it anymore. Adding it to the soup and letting sit for 5 minutes does this.

  2. Since I don't do sausage, I wonder if I used hamburger instead, if I should up some of the spices to make it work. Thoughts? Love using sweet potatoes....

    Have some Kale left over from recipe I made yesterday and think I'll try making kale chips with it. :))

    Also noticed that my store finally has some liquid really low sodium stock, lower than the previous stuff that was marked low sodium. Hurrah!!! Of course I haven't tasted it yet,,, so will see.