Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feel the Love!

YOU are an amazing beautiful creation of God. Perfectly created just the way you are. You are special, kind, smart, and very important. Don't ever forget that.

I had the amazing opportunity to celebrate this Valentine's Day with some beautiful perfect ladies. We had a grand time. It most definitely involved chocolate, carrots, and crafts! We like to keep things balanced and we definitely laughed a lot. It really was a fabulous evening and I'm so thankful for these ladies in my life!

 Our snacking spread involved these lovely brownies: Grain-free Zucchini Brownies. I was a little apprehensive about my zucchini brownies with little to no added sugar or fat, but the natural sugar of honey and zucchini came out nicely in addition to the almond/peanut butter combo I used. I also added 2 T. of cocoa powder to the mix.

My dear Jamie made this lovely chocolate concoction. It had a chocolate shortbread layer on bottom with a raspberry jam middle and ganache on top. The best part was definitely the chocolate red wine ganache layer on top. Delightful!

The fancy attempt didn't turn out too well.
Getting crafty. We made the t-shirt headbands described here.

Even getting out the sewing machine on our ladies night!

Love Love Love!


  1. Thanks for hosting us, Panda! And for teaching me the five-strand braid. It's a good life skill to add to my repertoire.

  2. looks like a fun time. you all have headbands or bandanas, a strong sign of camaraderie and a fun evening:)