Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beginning of a great adventure!

As I sit here in beautiful Michigan I am once again reminded why life is so much more exciting when we travel. For many reasons. One being the great opportunity to see different landscapes. There is a really good reason why God did not create the entire world with the same scenery. There would be no reason to move around and explore new places. Let's just say that after traveling along the I-80 interstate across Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois, I was so very excited to enter Michigan and have the scenery change. One excitement that did break the landscape of Iowa were several wind farms I happened upon. Simply amazing.
I've also made it my personal life goal to never eat at chain restaurants whenever possible. I also try really hard to find places that are one of a kind and make smart food buying choices. Along this drive I stopped in Iowa City for my mid-day dining experience. My Iowa native friend suggested this cute town. It was quite cute and I found Mia Za's Cafe for my dining delight. They really liked to advertise their fresh ingredients and organic produce. Kinda exciting, however, I doubt anything was local. It was quite tasty. Pesto Misto Vegetarian Panini and Gorgonzol Apple Crunch salad.
I also managed to keep going my first tradition while traveling solo. Keeping a list of joy moments or observations along the way that are funny, crazy, or noteworthy. My list to start this trip:
  • Clean Energy for the Future - Adair Wind Energy Project (turbines from above)
  • Beautiful Lavender/blue wildflowers on I-80
  • Urban Sprawl - Aint too pretty- Save our Farms - Build in the City (series of signs in a field)
  • Silo & Smokestacks Nationa Heritae Area
  • 2 Johnies on the job hanging out in random corn field
  • Later corn field with several more Johnies all along the edge
  • Hardcore Christian window sticker
  • Kinze Implement Dealer displays
  • Midwest Tidal wave- I mean really, does that make any sense?
  • I-80 Largest Truck Stop in the world
  • Graze& Grow Grass-fed Lamb
  • Farm Raised Rabbit Meat
  • Giant Christmas tree farm

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  1. I've been there! Too bad you didn't stop at the Windmill muesum. Could've been great...