Friday, July 16, 2010

Niagara Falls

I took the opportunity to drive straight across Canada from Michigan to New York. My first trip to Canada was pretty good except for the hour wait to get into the country. I think I definitely picked the wrong line at the border crossing. My first observations in Canada include:

  • Speed limit signs in km/h- this is obvious but it took me a while to get used to looking at the tiny print numbers on my speedometer

  • There are no billboards in Canada! Only the wide open spaces

  • Wide open spaces = just as flat as KS if not more flat

  • Gas is sold in liters not gallons- so I really have no clue if it was cheap or expensive

  • Lake effect in the Niagara Falls area = many wineries and orchards
When I got to the US border, it amazingly took no time to get back into the US. There was NO traffic at 8:00pm on a Wednesday evening. So great. I met an amazing gentleman named Bill who let me stay in his apartment Wed evening. I made this friend on couchsurfing and it worked out really great! Thursday morning I made my quick two hour tourist stop at Niagara state park on the New York side and then walked across the bridge to get the better Canadian view of the falls. I decided they were of course gourgeous, but definitely something to see with somebody else. These tourist attractions just aren't that exciting when solo.
So a view from the US side. Great rainbows.

And a complete view of the falls from the Canada side.
I took pictures, walked a bit, and got back in my car to book it to Vermont. Oh Vermont!

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  1. Bill? Oh Amanda :)
    Looks awesome. You should've taken your rain barrels. You could've jumped off. That would have been an adventure.