Monday, July 19, 2010

Made in Vermont

Last night I had this realization that everything is made in Vermont. I had this epiphany as I was in the Woodstock Farmers' Market store picking out ice cream to go with our homemade pie we got at the Norwich Farmers' Market. As I stared into the ice-cream freezer display I thought, "Well I better get some local made in Vermont ice cream." Much to my excitement, it was ALL made in Vermont. There were about four different brands and they were literally all made in VT. I thought my decision would be easier if I chose only local, but they were all local. Then I was thinking how many local ice cream brands can I get in Kansas? None. It's a sad day in the commodity crop desert we live in. Oh so much to do at home. I ended up getting Strafford Organic Creamery Sweet Guernsey Cream Ice Cream. Quality.

Today we made the trip up a little north to visit Farm Way. This is an amazing store that started out as the Vermont find everything store. They have tons of outdoors equipment, clothing, shoes, furniture, farm supply, feed, etc. I got me a sleeping pad that I shall be needing this week for my camping adventure, an extremely essential new pair of earthy shoes, and some Vermont pure maple syrup. I also managed to fight off a bear...

I've now seen a good portion of Hanover, New Hampshire. Home of Dartmouth college and narrowly avoided buying the $5 Dartmouth Alumni shirt. It could have been fun, but instead I got Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Made in Vermont, B&J's Half Baked and CoffeeCoffeeCoffee BzzBzzBzz was quite tasty.

I'm presently sitting on this lovely porch once again, listening to to the thunder and rain and enjoying the nice cool breeze. My google home page says it's 98 degrees in Chapman, KS right now. Thank God I'm not there. 


  1. Strafford Organic Creamery Sweet Guernsey Cream Ice Cream? that is the longest name ever. Call Hall ice cream is local! nice work on the bear. you're not taking an air mattress? it is about 1000 degrees here. i hate it. soon i will be with you!

  2. lol,,,,it's down to 72 degrees right now at 11:43 pm. I haven't stuck my nose outside yet to see if the humidity is low enough to open up the house. You are just having way too much fun. lol,,,love the bear shot.

    There used to be Zarda dairy here who also made ice cream. Belfonte is a Kansas company.

    I just found the Zarda history, very interesting.

    Aunt Carol