Thursday, July 8, 2010


I managed to complete a few last minute sewing projects before heading on my adventure. I've actually had a stack of jeans that have needed some patch work for quite some time and finally got around to completing that. Then today as I was packing I decided I wanted to take a dress along that needed to be chopped. It has simply been too long to be an enjoyable wearing experience. Therefore, today seemed to be the day to get out my sewing skills again and do some chopping and hemming.

Exhibit #1 dress:
Check out that nice belt or scarf or tie that I now have from the material I chopped off the bottom!

I also managed to sew up a stinkin adorable apron and matching baker's cap:

I think maybe I could sell these on Etsy. Any thoughts?

Dave has been joking about me taking my sewing machine on the road. It actually could come in handy to hold down my hood that is presently giving me issues. I think I'll leave that added weight at home. Rest assured though Dave, I always travel with an emergency sewing kit.

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  1. I'm glad you didn't sell the apron on Etsy. It definitely likes me better. Dave wants one too. Maybe you should've taken that sewing machine!