Sunday, July 11, 2010

Michigan Day 1

Day 1 of real excitement at destination Green Garden Community Farm, I made a trip with Farmer Trent and Farmer Ruthie to inspect a new farmer wishing to become Certified Naturally Grown. Because the fees associated with becoming Certified Organic are ridiculous, this certification is much more affordable and basically holds many of the same standards. Ths farm had some amazing goats and incredible goat cheese. We got a private tasting and came home with Chevre cheese. mmmmm. 

We then venture on to check out Crane's giant orchard.
Quite the amazing view!
Some good food. Not so great pie, but then again, I am a food critic.
Dinner delight, all things local! Fried green tomatoes, fresh salad mix and roasted beets complete with two different fresh local goat cheeses.

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