Friday, July 16, 2010

Eastern Michigan

It's been a couple of days since my last post and I have definitely come a long way since then. After departing my friends in Battle Creek, Michigan, I made it across the state to visit Three Roods Farm. This would be the farm that I visited and lived at for about three weeks last fall when I was on my adventure travels. It was so good to visit and have a short time there. Robin and Greg are such great people to share life with. I was only there for about 27 hours but I managed to leave with a sunburn, dirty stained fingers, two articles of clothing, a quart of raw honey, green beans, and two dozen free range organic eggs. Life is great.

Robin tried to entice me to stay longer with promises of Indian food and baking opportunities, but I had already made arrangement in Niagara Falls so off I went.

I did get the opportunity while in Columbiaville to take part in a workshop on edible wild plants. We took a bit of a stroll while collecting plants that most people would call weeds. They are weeds, however, they are definitely edible. After enjoying some already prepared Wild spring greens soup, we enjoyed our edible greens salad. It's really all about perspective. I mean all the purslane that grows t rapidly and abundantly in gardens this year is edible, so we really should stop complaining about weeding and get to eating the free food out there.
Our salad with beautiful lily petals and violet flowers. My favorite green is definitely the sorrel. It has a great lemon citrus flavor!

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