Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moose Crossing

Last evening.......

....we had the pre-race party and dinner celebration. I think this may be Dave's favorite part of the event, getting together with his friends, family, and supporters and enjoying the evening together. We had a group meeting with team captain, Beth, whom gave us the low-down on the event. I'm still not really sure what is going on, but I know that at this precise moment Dave is out there running at about mile 40ish in the sun and heat as I sit here and write about him in the comfortable house. 
Dave packing up his loot and necessities for the race. Lots of gel energy packets, energy bars, magic powder aka protein powder, chaffing stick, clean socks, pants, shirts, extra running shoes, sunscreen, bandanas, etc. Pretty cool to see.

While Dave is out there running, I was forced to travel along with Wendi and Karee to visit Norwich, VT. Home of King Arthur Flour Company.
We might have bought a few things.
Just gifts, really. Until we went to the Norwich Farmers' Market.
We came home with an abundance of food to eat. Veggies and these amazing looking pies from this adorable elderly lady that had been baking all night long. Plum, apricot, nectarine pie. We simply had to support her.

Then we found the country store in town. Let's just say this store has everything you might possible need. After checking out the grocery, simply walk past the butcher deli to find the hardware, firewood, and don't miss the kitchen supply, VT clothing, and farm fresh eggs. I was forced to buy a few more Vermont only gifts.

I'm so used to seeing deer crossing signs in KS that I don't even think about them; but this whole moose crossing sign business has got me to thinking. Life would be really rough if you really hit a moose on the road around here. I haven't seen any moose yet, but it's crazy to imagine coming upon one on the road. 

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