Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's a victory for the Vermont 100 and Dave! He finished the race this morning just before 5am. We were so blessed to enjoy the morning sunrise as we waited at the finish line for him to come across. It was so cool to see the way they had the night running set up. Glow sticks lighting the way. Guess you can't be afraid of the dark although I was definitely thinking that after running that many miles without sleep I would definitely be a little delirious and would probably freak myself out in the dark. It was so neat though to be waiting through the night, watching the lightning show turn to a giant full sky of stars. So great! 

Dave finished a little behind his time goal, but with no injuries it is always a victory. He had the ability to walk out of there and crash on the porch for some much needed sleep. Still can't fathom, 100 miles basically constant moving. Wow.

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