Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh Vermont!

Oh Vermont how I love thee. As soon as I made it off the New York State Tollway, I knew that it was only getting better. The nice drive through a somewhat rural area of upstate New York and into Vermont was quite lovely. As soon as I entered the state of Vermont I thought to myself, somebody is really going to have to remind me why I live in KS and not here. So beautiful. 
A quick evening shot as I was driving down the road. Rolling Green Mountains, lots of really cute small towns called villages here and tons of places to get great local foods. I made it to Woodstock, VT where Dave shall be running the VT 100 race starting at 4am Saturday morning and finishing around 2am Sunday morning. He's crazy and I'm here to be a supporter, encourager of the crazy. This race requires a whole team of people that will meet him at certain spots along the route to make sure he's still alive, awake, and fueled. I'm excited for the craziness to begin.

They've rented a really great house up here in the hills. Most of the houses in the area are second or third homes for NY people. Simply insane to comprehend the amount of money people have. I think I would rather fund a small village in Africa with my extra million dollars, but each to his own. I'm enjoying the stay and the view:

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  1. Wow. That's a gorgeous house. I can't wait to be there in a couple weeks. Cheer loudly for Dave!